High fancy jewelry with pictures


Since 2011, as a leader in designing and manufacture of pictures jewelery, we are always concerned to develop the quality, aesthetics and comfort of our products.

Also, we make sure to look for materials and manufacturing techniques so that they bring you every day a greater satisfaction.

CRAZY LILY jewelery complies with Canadian laws and standards. They comply with both the Consumer Product Safety Act and the various Canadian regulations and guides related to children's jewelery. Our jewelry can only be used for children 3 years and older under parental supervision. The majority of our products are manufactured and assembled in Quebec.

Lead free, cadmium free, nickel free.

Our jewelry (not plated Kara) is free of toxic substances such as lead, cadmium. They do not contain allergenic substances such as nickel. We prefer to use hypoallergenic materials such as tin or stainless steel / surgical.

Kara plated.

Many of our products can be plated with colors. Despite all our efforts to eliminate nickel, it is possible to find a small proportion in the plating.

100% Waterproof - Waterproof
Since a non-waterproof imitation jewel has a limited lifetime in contact with moisture from the air or rain, our products are the ONLY to guarantee a 100% waterproof / waterproof protection. This characteristic promotes greater freedom of use and thus provides greater durability.

Protected from U.V.
Our cabochon jewelry is also the only one to possess a protection against the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The images do not palpit and keep their brilliant colors for a long time.


The elegance of the glass.
Only the glass makes it possible to obtain the best rendering of the images. Our glasses, with their specific characteristics, accurately reproduce the colors of the image, ensures a subtle distribution and refraction of the light, while providing a greater durability. Effects that transparent resin-based petroleum can not match. Thus, our jewels have vibrant images, living, and glittering reflections for a long time.

Guaranteed glass.

All the glasses that we use to beautify jewelery and to protect the images hold permanently on their support, whatever the outside temperature. It is guaranteed.

The majority of our products or their components are made of tin or stainless steel (chains, ear insertion rod, etc.). The plated products can tarnish, over time and their wearing, by oxidizing slightly in contact with the air or in contact with the skin. Inoffensive, this transformation can reveal the color of the original support (stainless steel or tin or brass).

Picture mastery

Crazy Lily Bijoux improves its products and their quality through proactive and permanent research and development activities. Also, the exceptional rendering of our products and their durability, appreciated by our customers, reflect our expertise and professionalism in the manufacture of image jewelry.


The Crazymage process, exclusive to Crazy Lily products allows the controlled integration of metallic reflections of colors in images (gold, silver, bronze, copper, etc ...).​

Customizable Jewelery
Crazy Lily Bijoux develops themes according to your needs for events, exhibitions, special collections, work integration of illustrators, painters, etc. For any special request, contact us at crazylilybijoux@hotmail.com

Respect for authors and artists.
Certain images contained in our products have been either created by us or purchased for commercial use and have been the subject of a marketing agreement with their author (s) and assignees, creator (s) ), designer (s), artist (s). Also, the images on our products comply with the provisions of the current Copyright Act (L.R.C. (1985), cC-42) and are prohibited from reproduction