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Beware of counterfeits!


We invite you to be extra vigilant when shopping in shops and on the various online shopping platforms. In fact, many of our clients bought image jewelery that had been misleadingly sold to them as Crazy Lily.


To protect yourself, check that the picture jewel you want has the Crazy Lily Jewelry quality standards. For that, make sure with the seller that the 3 major features* and unique to the line Crazy Lily are simultaneously fulfilled. If one of these 3 conditions is not fulfilled, then the jewel has not been manufactured by us.


Crazy Lily Jewels are:



Protected by a glass cabochon only (flat or curved).

Press the cabochon with your fingernail. If there is a trace immediately after removing the nail then it is not glass.


100% Waterproof.

Immerse the jewel completely in the water. No defects should appear immediately and in the days that follow. The glass cabochon should always hold.


Guaranteed 1 year. .

The jewel must have a label bearing the Crazy Lily Bijoux logo. The seller must be able to confirm this warranty period

* Other clues may advise you to be cautious about the degree of professionalism of the seller (ridiculous sales price, significant discount, taxes always included, website containing a multitude of irrelevant articles, multi-vendor internet platform, etc.).

For more information, see the consumer guide at

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