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Want to incorporate your own image into a jewel?

1- Choose the jewel model. (type, size of image, veneer or not, metallic image or not.)

2- Prepare your photo or picture in .jpeg (300ppp) or PDF (high definition) format.

3-Determine what background color you want, (if applicable to your image): black, white or choose your color on the PANTONE link (Graphic Designer code)

4- Send it to by mentioning the destination of the parcel and whether you want a tracking or not to the parcel.

5- Under 48 hours you will receive a proposal of your real jewel size image. Communicate us the changes you want to make (colors, brightness, ...) and approve the project.

6-You will receive an electronic invoice PAYPAL according to your choice of shipping and the destination of the parcel. This invoice will be payable online by PAYPAL directly or by Interac if you wish. (We ask $ 5 extra for any project that requires image processing time.If the project requires more infographic time, we will inform you)

7-We manufacture the jewel and ship according to the pre-established shipping terms.

You have more questions?

Contact us!

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