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Fancy jewelry

with pictures


Guaranteed glass holding.

All the glasses we use to embellish jewelry and protect images hold on to their support for a long time, regardless of the outside temperature conditions. It is guaranteed.

Protected from UV rays
Our cabochon jewelry is provided with protection against the sun's ultraviolet rays. The images do not fade and keep their vibrant colors.


The Crazymage process, exclusive to Crazy Lily products, allows controlled integration of metallic reflections in images.

The elegance of glass.

Only glass provides the best rendering of images. Our glasses, by their specific characteristics, accurately reproduce the colors of the image, ensure a subtle distribution and refraction of light, while providing greater durability and an effect of depth to the image. Effects that transparent petroleum-based resins cannot match. Thus, our jewelry has vibrant, lively images, and vibrant reflections for a long time.



Fancy jewelry with pictures

Since 2011, as a leader in the creation and manufacture of picture jewelry, we are always concerned with developing the quality, aesthetics and comfort of our products.

Also, we make sure to research materials and manufacturing techniques so that they bring you greater satisfaction every day.

100% Waterproof - Waterproof

Since a jewel with a non-waterproof image has a limited lifespan in contact with air humidity, rain or when swimming, our cabochon jewelry is the only one to be waterproof. and guarantee 100% waterproof / waterproof protection. This feature promotes better freedom of use and thus provides greater durability.


Customizable jewelry

Crazy Lily Bijoux develops themes according to your needs for events, exhibitions, special collections, integration of work of illustrators, painters, etc. For any special request, contact us at

Coatings & Veneers Kara.

Our jewelry can be gold, silver, or plated.

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